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Save Avocado with the power of AI

Help us train Artificial Intelligence model that will allow recognising the ripeness of avocado, so you can eat avocados that are always perfect and limit waste.

We need your help! To classify avocados correctly our app has to analyse thousands of photos. Snap 3 pics before eating and in a few months enjoy buying always perfectly ripe avocados and save money (usually perfectly ripe avocados are cheaper, because stores think they went bad!) ->

Add 3 photos:

From the side
From the top
And once you cut it in half

Then simply choose 1 of 4 options:

Not Ready To Eat, Too Hard
Not perfect, but you can still eat it (example on picture above)
Too ripe, have to throw it away

For every 10 avocados you add, we have a surprise for you!

With these easy steps you can help us save avocados and know when exactly is the time when they are ready to eat, download the app and join our quest to limit waste!

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