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Knowledge transfer, Creating Cloud Migration Strategy


The Kruk Group is present on European market since 1998. They manage infrastructure that is distributed among several countries. They wanted to optimize the costs and decided to move some workloads to Microsoft Azure cloud. Main challenge was dispersion of resources and need for consistent management strategy for cloud services.


Addressing the challenge

We have organized a series of workshops regarding identity management, security, creating and implementing Infrastructure As Code, cost optimisation and legal issues around public cloud usage. Cooperation model was based on Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework and experiences gained by our team. All this knowledge transfer enabled Client to create a cloud migration strategy.


The result

As a result, employees of the Kruk Group gained knowledge necessary to effectively work with Microsoft Azure cloud. Additionally, we have created a document containing the rules of managing cloud services, that is a basis for implementing new solutions and migrating existing systems to cloud environment. Document was written in English, which allows employees from the whole Kruk Group to follow the same guidelines.

knowledge, possibilites costs, risk
Michał Dzierżak

Michał Dzierżak

Senior Cloud Consultant

Consultant responsible for this project

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