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Chmurowisko hires the best specialists in Poland! We value broad experience and interest in multiple clouds.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for people who will help us carry out our mission.

The mission to build a better world for our Clients, Coworkers, and for you. Do you dare to embark on a new journey with us?

In Cloud State, we work on three levels: media, training, and customer projects. All our team members are involved in each of these areas. We constantly expand our knowledge by helping our Clients deliver their projects, implementing new technologies, and resolving unique problems. Then we share that expertise with others in training sessions, and using our YouTube channel, blog and social media profiles.

What do we offer?

Flexible work schedule

Our Clients are of prime importance to us, and we frequently engage in their projects. When our team participates in a customer project, all of us are expected to show up in person on-site and arrive on time. Apart from that, no work schedule applies. I prefer to work from 8 am and 4 pm, but if you’re more efficient from 11 am till 3 pm, and you can perform all assigned tasks within that time, it’s your call!

Remote work

We are allowed to work remotely. If you wish, you can use our office in Warsaw and work from here to network with your colleagues. We also gather together when we plan the strategy and discuss future projects for our company. However, all of us need some mobility from time to time. In Cloud State, this is possible. You can work from anywhere, although at the initial stage of our cooperation, we would like you to show up in the office.

Unlimited annual leave

All our employees are entitled to 26 days of leave each year. What if you need 40? No problem. Every team member can take as many days off as they want. Your leave is your business. If you’re eligible for the bonus, that means you’re doing your best and your vacation is well-deserved. Without any limits.

Training and personal development

All members of our team invest in their growth as they need to develop new skills much faster than in other industries. We will provide you with training materials to develop your technical competencies and soft skills. Pluralsight, CloudGuru, CloudAcademy, test accounts, conferences, workshops – these are only some of training opportunities we have for you. But… remember that we are proponents of knowledge sharing. Every person shares the knowledge they have gained with all employees and other people who need it. This rule applies to all of us.

Health care plan

‘A sound mind is a sound body.’ We invest in our health through active rest, working out or jogging. It’s important for us to know that you take care of yourself too. Cloud State has been built by the best cloud experts who know their worth. As a member of our team, you will receive a comprehensive health care plan for you and your family, so you don’t have to worry about queues or finding specialists, but have a mind space to focus on more pleasant and interesting things.

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