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We are up to date with cloud technologies from different vendors. We also believe in sharing knowledge, which is why on our blog you can find articles that will help you understand not only how individual services work, but also how you can effectively use them.

Generative Adversarial Networks. Generating Reality with AI

01 October 2019 przez w Artificial Intelligence

Recently, we have been witnessing the increasing popularity of various tools that autonomously create images of people, objects, or scenes that never existed, or modify representations of existing objects by adding qualities they never had. A prime example of such a solution is FaceApp. The app can take a picture […]

Closer to Your Users, with a Global Reach. [email protected] In Close-up

04 February 2019 przez w Amazon Web Services

Serverless was the ultimate 2018 buzzword that was impossible to miss by any developer or IT solutions architect. It seems like the technology is going to garner even more attention this year. Many tech pundits believe that in the next twelve months, serverless will develop faster than any other solutions. […]

So You Want a New Year’s Resolution? Get Started with IoT Azure in 2019!

09 January 2019 przez w Microsoft Azure

The first time I came across IoT in action was during a meeting with my MVP colleagues; one of them had used the technology for home beer brewing. I got hooked and I promised myself to give IoT a try right when the meeting ends. The Internet of Things, or […]

What Does AWS Lamba Have to Do with Canaries?

07 November 2018 przez w Amazon Web Services

Serverless is becoming an increasingly popular approach to software development, and AWS Lambda has been one of the most talked-about services lately. Each day, more and more companies use it. Which begs the question: What is AWS Lambda? The time has come to answer it once and for all. 1. […]

Rescue Your Cloud Budget! Why Amazon Won’t Stop Your Instances

przez w Amazon Web Services

It keeps coming back. On every single training course, each conversation with our clients. In all Q&A sessions… The same question has been haunting us forever: Why can’t I set a balance threshold above which Amazon will automatically stop my instances? The ability to automatically stop your instances seems like […]

Who Has Access to Your Information? How to Securely Store Data in AWS S3

06 November 2018 przez w Amazon Web Services

Data is the gold of the 21st century. We all generate it, and need some place to store it. It’s in the best interest of all of us to keep it safe. AWS S3, or the Simple Storage Service, is the cloud data storage service from Amazon, and one of […]

10 Reasons You Should Get AWS Certified This Year

05 November 2018 przez w Amazon Web Services

Public cloud is growing, and the number of companies that consider moving to it is increasing daily. Over the recent period, cloud computing skills have transformed from “nice-to-have” competences into a “must-have” ability for many businesses. That’s hardly surprising as the public cloud has an enormous impact on the creation, […]

Frugality Is the Best Policy. Managing Permissions in Amazon Web Services

przez w Amazon Web Services

During one of our recent customer workshops, the participants showered us with questions about cloud security. That’s hardly surprising considering that it is one of the most critical issues for businesses that wish to move to the cloud. Inspired by this occurrence, we thought it would be a good idea […]

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