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Your Products powered by Artificial Intelligence. Your Production supported by Internet of Things.
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Does your company struggle
with the following?

Applications run slow and not responsive enough
From time to time, your software lacks performance. You waste your time waiting for the results. It takes hours to process the received data and produce the expected outcome.
There are unprotected areas that should be secured
Some parts of your project are not protected enough. You don't have the required security mechanisms. You need to prevent them from data loss, fraud, and information stealing.
It is hard to collect, process and analyze the data
Even if you produce lots of data to interpret, it is usually tedious to categorize it. You miss elementary classification for the information that should be transparent.
The majority of routine or complex work is done by hand
You have many repetitive processes that could be optimized by automating them. So far, you have done most of the work manually, and it costs a lot to keep it organized.

It doesn't have to be like that.

Your company deserves:

Have more for less — you will reduce extra expenses on unnecessary features. You will save your budget for running unused resources.
Do more at the same time — you will complete more tasks faster with customizable pipelines. You will manage complex processes in a simple flow.
Run all your apps in the cloud — By using any cloud provider, your applications will be robust and responsive. You will reduce load time that end users must wait to start using the system.
Keep all your information secured — your data will be safe. We will implement the most robust security mechanisms. You will protect all users and the credentials they store.

That is not all.

We are an independent consultancy
and implementation company

We help our clients choose solutions best for specific use cases – regardless of the vendor (Microsoft, Amazon, Google, IBM or others).

How will your company benefit from
Cloudstate services?

Cloud Adoption & Apps Development
Our Cloud Solutions provide fast, efficient, and scalable machines equipped with high-tech components. Our infrastructure guarantees stability, performance, and backup that keeps your data safe.
Digital Transformation
We care about privacy the most. Your data will be fully protected by the strongest algorithms, up-to-date certificated, and leading-edge security methods. We will prevent data leaks and losing venerable data.
Machine Learning
With our Data Engineering solutions, you can leverage Artificial Intelligence in your system. You can filter, format, and categorize your data. These results will optimize existing processes or predict future trends.
Automated Environment
By using the IoT we provide, you will be able to replace manual processes with intelligent devices. You will be able to focus on the most critical parts of your business.

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Who we are

We are a 100% self-funded, partnership without any external investors nor sponsorship.
Our company is driven by people with a passion for what they do.
The most important thing for us are relations and solidarity.
Michał Jaworski
Chief Executive Officer
Chairman & Company Leader
One of the Polish pioneers in building professional cloud teams for international organizations.
Focused on partnership and teamwork in achieving business goals. In his free time motorcycling and sailing geek.
Damian Mazurek
Chief Technology Officer
Cloud Architect & Software Developer
IoT specialist, well-known in tech branch for his innovative ideas about AI solutions.Author of the biohacking vlog. Analytical thinker with IT passion. Privately husband and a father-of-four.
Michał Furmankiewicz
Head of Consulting
Solution Architect & Business Developer
Microsoft MVP Azure and Microsoft Certified Trainer, connected with IT field for the past 16 years.Effectively aligns business focus with IT solutions. Loves sharing his technology knowledge during conferences, workshops and lecturers.

Our technology stack

We always choose the right tool for the job. We focus on your business in the first place.

What do our clients say about us?

Rafał Wozniak
Working with Cloudstate is a pleasure. Highly professional consultants with unique skill set and knowledge.
Piotr Hajdecki
Business Finland
The workshops met our requirements. We are pleased with the cooperation with Cloudstate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of projects do you build?
We work with one of the world's leading salmon farmers, seafood companies and fish producers.
How exactly do you use AI in your systems?
We specialize in OpenAI, Computer Vision, i.e., image recognition, and Natural Language Processing.
What IoT platforms do you support?
We manage Cisco devices and infrastructure, but we use open interfaces that connect to most providers.
Which cloud providers you do manage?
We work as an official and certified partner with the most recognizable providers like Google Cloud, AWS, and Azure.

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Let us talk about individual solutions for your business.
Natalia Mużanowska
Client Success Specialist
[email protected]
+48 500 871 965
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We arrange a meeting
In 24h after receiving your request, we set up a convenient date for both of us to have a call.
We chat and discuss
Within three days, we spend some time together to talk through your needs and requirements.
You receive the final offer
After the next three days, we present you our solutions to resolve your business problems.